The fish and the craft

A brief description of vendace roe production

Vendace roe is a natural product without additives. It consists only of vendace roe and salt.

Vendace roe has been produced around Lake Vänern since the mid-60s. The small-scale fishing is conducted using nets that are specially designed with a mesh size that only catches the larger fish. Trawling for vendace is prohibited in Lake Vänern since 2005.

Today, there are about 30 fishermen around Lake Vänern who produce vendace roe during two hectic autumn months. The fish caught for the production is vendace, Coregonus Albula.

The catch is taken care of directly where it is landed by first being shaken from the nets using special shaking machines. Then, the skilled craft of hand-squeezing the eggs from the fish begins, before the eggs are whisked, rinsed, strained, dried and salted. Read more about the process on the page Production.

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