How vendace roe came to Lake Vänern

A man once came to Lake Vänern from the northern Swedish town of Kalix in the early 1960s, resulting in a change to vendace fishing in Lake Vänern. Before 1960, vendace was used both as fishing bait and as food fish. After the 1960s, there was an increasing shift towards winter fishing.

Erik Eriksson’s documentary from 1988 tells this peculiar story:
"It was in 1969 that a man came from Kalix, Artur was his name. Don’t throw out the roe, said Artur. That’s the part that’s worth money. Artur knew this because he came from Kalix. Sell the roe, he said. You can sell it?, people wondered at Spiken. That’s how it all began."

Read more about Artur from Kalix and the history of vendace roe fishing came to Lake Vänern in this article from the Vänern Museum: Mannen från Kalix och vänerguldet (PDF in Swedish, 416 KB).

Picture, above: Artur Johansson with his floats and other fishing tools.
Photo: Vänern Museum/Robert Bernhoft

Picture, below, right: Artur Johansson, 60–65 years old, wearing a wolf or buckskin fur coat, sitting in the stern of his boat heading out to fish. The picture was borrowed from Artur’s niece Marianne Malmelind in 2012.
Photographer: unknown.